5 Ways To Get High PR Backlinks

English: Distribution of Wikipedia articles (2...You need to have a number of elements in place in order to rank on Google and the other search engines. These include freshly-updated and unique content and links from sites with a high PR (which in this case refers not to public relations but to pagerank, or the algorithm Google uses to determine the relative importance of a website).

Google considers sites with high PR to be “authority” sites, which it often displays at or near the top of its search results. Therefore, getting links from such sites is essential to increasing the pagerank of one’s own sites.

However, this brings us to a “catch 22” situation. How can you get a link from high PR sites when your pagerank is nil? A high pagerank site is not likely to exchange links with such a site, since it offers them no benefits. Fortunately, there are ways to get around this:

* Create a super high-quality website in a unique niche that is sure to impress other webmasters. A site with a great design, great content and a great niche might be appealing enough to be worth considering for a link exchange. (Admittedly, of the strategies discussed here, this is the most difficult.)

* Be realistic. Don’t expect a PR 6 or 7 website to exchange links with you. They are not likely to do so (they may even get dozens of such requests a day).

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* Use online resources that allow you to create your own content. These involve Squidoo, HubPages and the like. (However, remember that such sites like quality content that is regularly updated. Also remember that HubPages will penalize you if you create too many pages with links back to your own site. Also, it will not allow links to pages that contain squeeze pages, lead capture forms, and/or eBook sales pages). Additionally, don’t forget to create content on the social networks such as Facebook, Google+, Pinterest and others.

* Comment on other people’s blogs. This will allow you to post a link back to your own site as long as your comment is relevant to the topic at hand and you refrain from spamming.

However, keep in mind that some blogs, in order to avoid watering down the “link juice” for their contributors, will mark comments as “no follow,” which means that they will not be counted by the search engines in increasing your pagerank.

You can check this before you take the time to comment by adding a browser plugin such as NoDoFollow for Firefox (it works equally well on Mac and PC). Once enabled, it will highlight all NoFollow links in red and DoFollow links in blue.

* Write articles. This is a great way to increase the number of sites that link back to you, by providing extra value. You can submit your articles to the article directories. In addition to the back link you get from the article directories themselves, there is a chance that those who use your articles will also give you a back link (although sadly, I find that this is often not the case). Better is to submit your articles directly to high pagerank websites and offer them exclusive rights.

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