How Apple Tackled Tablet Limitations with the iPad Air


Apple drew long lines at its stores with the release of its first iPad tablet PC. Yet, despite the crowds and publicity, Apple’s tablet was met with indifference and complaints by those who charged that the popular device failed to live up to its promise.

Although the iPad helped bring tablet computers back from the dead, the opposing reactions it engendered show how polarized people were about it. Nevertheless, Apple has addressed many of the initial objections to the iPad. Here’s a look at some of the complaints and what Apple did about them.

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Ebooks Bring Tried and True Marketing To The Modern Era

7531000009Ebooks are a major part of marketing. Not only are they a way of marketing a product, but they offer the hottest, most up-to-date source of marketing information available.

The sites on which ebooks are sold include Amazon and independent, standalone sales pages. The description, sales copy or sales pages can be as long as desired–some are several thousand words long.

They are designed to stir the imagination without providing real insight on the product being offered. They are carefully calculated to whip up the emotional desires of the reader to get ahead or to solve some problem.

Such sites are typically loaded with testimonials, although none of these offer any real clues into what the ebook contains—just glowing comments on how careers were transformed and lives were made better.

Usually, a three-dimensional-style image of the cover of the ebook is shown on the sales page, as if the purchaser is buying a real, physical book, along with banners and buttons imploring the reader to “buy now.”

Then there is a bullet list of benefits offered by the ebook, along with vague statements about what the book actually covers. Usually, these are listed as benefits rather than the actual techniques that the book describes.

The reader is encouraged to buy (if it is a book on making money) based on a few promises that they will make their “investment” back quickly with this or that “groundbreaking approach.” Of course, the ebook must be purchased first.

Now it may sound like I am belittling such content providers, but this is not the case. In many instances, they have succeeded in using their ebook offering both as a product to offer to their visitors and as a marketing tool that draws those visitors to their site in the first place.
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For Google Traffic, Don’t Break the Speed Limit

OS15031Do you want traffic from Google? Of course you do! Many or most webmasters get 90% or more of their traffic through the search engine giant. If so, however, then you had best avoid all appearance of spam.

Too often, various bits of Windows only software are said to be essential to promoting one’s website, and too many webmasters attempt promotional methods that Google considers to be spamming. In fact, the existence of such software is claimed to be one of the reasons that Macs are left out when it comes to website promotion.

The reality is that any software that attempts to automate something that is normally done by a human being is susceptible to being flagged as suspicious by Google. You can get your website or blog relegated to Google’s supplemental results or banned from the search engine entirely.

As Google exec Matt Cutts put it, there is a limited amount of damage that you can do to yourself under your own power. Climb on a motorcycle, however, and your potential for injury is greatly magnified. Therefore, here are some red flags to avoid: Continue Reading »For Google Traffic, Don’t Break the Speed Limit

You Need A Plan For Your Ebook Business


Success in any kind of business requires having a business plan, and this includes online business as well. Too often clients contact a web designer with their desire to get a website online as quickly as possible.

However, to be successful with a website they must have more than just a great idea. They need to create a real business plan and to adjust and tweak it as they go along.

The same is true for launching your own online e-book business. Any aspiring entrepreneurs should think through the vital steps in doing so and to draft up a good business plan. To get started, ask yourself the following:
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List Your Local Business for Free on Google, Bing and Yahoo


As the owner of a local business, whether it is installing window glass, repairing computers or providing entertainment services for parties, you have a lot of responsibilities! You are not able to follow every possible promotional method to market your business, nor could you afford to.

However, there are some promotional opportunities that you definitely should not pass up, and that includes listing your business on Google, Yahoo and Bing Local. These are the three largest online search resources, and they account for over 95% of total search results.

Remember that your customers are searching online for local services in greater and greater numbers. In fact, some surveys indicate that of all Internet searches, some 25% are for local resources.

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Persistence, Patience and Dedication – Three Keys to Making a Living Online


Throughout my Internet marketing career, I have been studying the various ways in which one can make an online income.

What I have discovered is that the main pitfall of online marketing is not the various scams out there (which certainly do exist and a few of which I have come across myself) but the sheer amount of conflicting advice and competing strategies available.

It is very easy to spread oneself too thin by investing time and money into too many different areas, which dilutes one’s ability to work any individual strategy for maximum effectiveness.

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Online Marketing: Do You Need Your Own Product?

Do you need to have your own product in order to be an effective and successful Internet marketer? This is something that is probably asked every few seconds on Twitter alone, and it has been hotly debated ever since affiliate marketing came onto the scene.

Why is this question asked so often? Probably because everyone has a different answer.

There are those who insist that you absolutely must have your own product in order to succeed in any online business endeavor and those who insist that you don’t, either as a beginner or an established and seasoned Internet marketer.

So, which is it? The reality is that everyone is right! It is great to have your own product but it is not absolutely essential.

If you have your own product, you can build a website around it and make it an affiliate product of your own. If you lack your own products, you can still create an affiliate website or even use one of the free hosting platforms.

Product creators love their affiliates (at least if they are successful) and finding products is not hard for practically any niche.
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Advertising On Facebook – Free and Paid

Facebook is an online powerhouse where users can create personal profile pages so that others can view information about them and contact them. However, savvy Internet marketers have also discovered that Facebook is an excellent platform for advertising their products and services and for general self promotion.

As long as you abide by Facebook’s terms of service, as a Facebook member you can use your account to advertise your business either directly or indirectly.

Why Advertising on Facebook is Effective

Advertising on Facebook can work as long as it is done properly and not in a way that comes across as spam.

One reason for Facebook’s effectiveness is the number of those who are currently using the website. This includes both members who may visit each other’s pages and non-members who may arrive on their Facebook page via a search engine.

With so much daily traffic on Facebook, chances are there will be those who are interested in just about every conceivable product or service. These are people who can be targeted with your advertising messages.
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9 Ways To Make Old PLR Content New Again

search engine article marketing backlinks cloud 7 SMALL

There are many ways in which you can add a steady stream of content to your business or website. One way is to write fresh content in-house, either yourself or by hiring someone to do it for you. Another way is to purchase ghostwritten articles. A third way is to utilize PLR (private label rights), prewritten articles that come packaged with rights that allow you to use them in any way you like.

However, you aren’t required to use this material “as is.” There are many ways in which to revise it. Because you have full rights to these articles, you can change them anyway you like. Some of the most popular ways are:
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Making Money Online – Don’t Believe the Hype

7512700016-SMALLYou would think from reading all of the advertisements and sales pages online that making money on the Internet were easy. It seems that no matter where you turn, someone is touting a program that they claim will make thousands of dollars almost effortlessly.

I’ve heard claims that the average (not the exceptional, but the average) mailing list earns the e-mail marketer from $1 to $10 per subscriber per year. This means that if you have 1000 subscribers (really not that hard to get), at the very least you would make $1000 per year!

They make it sound so easy and so simple, something that can be boiled down to a precise mathematical formula. It sure beats delivering newspapers for extra income!

You will hear terms like “floods of traffic,” “swarms of eager buyers,” and “mountains of cash,” and a lot of people fall for this sales copy.

Spend a little time in an online marketing forum and you are bound to see plenty of those throwing such claims around as well as an equal number saying that they have tried this or that program and they’re wondering why they are not making money yet.

The failure rate of online businesses probably matches the 95% failure rate of brick-and-mortar businesses. There are two sides to the coin and neither favors the naïve marketing wannabe.
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