Commercial Finance Options for Business Capital

Steve Jobs and Bill Gates at the fifth D: All ...

Steve Jobs and Bill Gates at the fifth D: All Things Digital conference (D5) in 2007 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Financing is necessary for a wide variety of business startups. When Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak created the prototype of the first Apple I computer in 1976, they first pitched the idea to their employers.When this failed, they had to find a way to scrape together the $1350 cost of producing the circuit board.

To do so, Woz sold his programmable Hewlett-Packard calculator for $250 and Jobs sold his Volkswagen Bus for $1500.

Building a single prototype was one thing, but manufacturing the Apple II, which cost several hundred dollars each, was quite another.

So the two Steves pitched their idea to Commodore Business Machines, which they knew was eager to get into the fledgling microcomputer market, for $100,000 cash, some stock and $36,000-a-year salaries for themselves. Fortunately for Jobs and Wozniak, Jack Tramiel, Commodore’s founder, thought it was ridiculous to buy a company that operated out of a garage.

The two Steves eventually teamed up with Mike Markkula, who provided both the funding and the managerial experience they needed to get their company off the ground.

Entrepreneurs today who need capital to start a business or to expand an existing one have many options available to them, one of them being commercial finance (another name for which is asset-based lending). It is a type of secured business loan.
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5 Keys to Using Content to Build Your List

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We’ve all done it: we’ve all gone “ego surfing” on Google, but it does feel good when you find new websites and pages with your name on them — especially those unexpected mentions that pop up on recently indexed webpages.

A happy fact is that one article can turn into thousands of mentions if it becomes popular. This happens when an article of yours is rerun on numerous sites. The writing of articles can give you publicity, boost your credibility and establish you as an expert in your industry.

One of the advantages of being an author is the potential for free publicity months or years later if one of your pieces of writing goes “viral.” Such advantages help to make articles one of the most effective means of gaining opt in leads.

The cost involved in advertising your list, blog or website through articles is negligible, but it is profoundly effective. Well-written, informative articles with plenty of useful information will help to attract subscribers and build your list.
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SEO – Search Engine Friendly vs. Visitor-Friendly Content


Search engine friendly content is what we all want. The problem is getting enough of it  to maximize search engine optimization.

Is it possible to have too much content on a website? As long as the content is quality, the answer is probably no. In fact, the great majority of websites are sadly lacking in content that is both quality and search engine indexable.

Remember that search engines count only text content as SEO content. No matter how attractive your websites design may be, its non-textual content isn’t going to be counted as indexable by the search engines. Likewise, photographs and Flash animations, such as those commonly found in banners and graphics, no matter how attractive, are not going to be counted by the search engine spiders either.

To be effectively optimized, experts say that a particular page of a site should contain at least 200 words of keyword-optimized text. That is pretty much the minimum needed to get search engine spiders to count the page as having a significant amount of information.

Here’s another important thing to remember: you will maximize the impact of your keywords on the search engine spiders if those keywords which are used within the minimum 200 word length match your page titles as well.

For example, a site called iPhonesRus should have both the word iPhone and the name iPhonesRus sprinkled liberally within the body of the text.
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iPhone Trade-offs – Good or Bad?

iPhone6_34FL_3-Color-Spaced_HomescreenOne of the top features people want when they buy a smartphone is simplicity, and Apple seems to have created the iPhone with this in mind. Ease of use is, in fact, a big reason why the iPhone is so popular. Not only does it make it easy to stay in touch, but playing with it is just a lot of fun.

Some of the design decisions Apple made with the iPhone come, of course, with drawbacks. Often, in designing any product, there is a set of trade-offs that must be made.

Should the product be expandable, or should it be as small and light as possible? Should it be manufactured with top-quality technology and materials or should it be aimed at the low-end market? In the case of a phone, which carriers should be supported?

What are some of the trade-offs that Apple had to make with the iPhone? The first was with storage, which is not expandable. The buyer has to make the choice at time of purchase as how much storage they want, keeping in mind their budget and their likely future storage needs. Sometimes, they guess wrong.
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15 TIps To Boost Your Internet Business Sales

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Internet marketing is appealing because it gives you the opportunity to reach potential customers from across the world with minimal startup costs or other investments.

However, this does not mean that sales are just going to drop into your lap. It takes work and commitment, not only to find or create products that people want to buy, but to get the word out and to convince people to reach into their pockets in a sometimes tight economy.

Therefore, here are 15 tips for boosting your online sales that you can implement right away:
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How to Entice Customers to Buy Your e-Book

You have settled on a topic for your ebook that people are interested in, and you have drawn up an outline on what you need to include in order to make it appealing and interesting. But how do you get people to actually read it?

The first thing people look at in choosing an ebook is its title. This applies to other products just as strictly as it does to ebooks. The title or label is the first thing noticed by consumers.

Of course, people also scan the contents or list the features of the product, but that spark of interest has to be created first before they will do this.

Test it for yourself. Consider that you are looking for a way to generate income online. You come across a couple of products that address that interest but have different titles.

The first is titled, “Various Ways To Generate Money Online.” The other is titled “How To Make $10,000 Online In Just One Month.”

Both products might offer the same information, but, needless to say, the second one would be much more tempting.
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Safety and Security Tips on using Your iPad

screen480x480An iPad or an iPad Mini may be a very small device, but it is also a very powerful one that can hold all of your business matters, activities and personal information inside its flash storage.

It is already a big part of the lives of business people and aficionados alike. They can’t leave the house without their ever-helpful digital assistant. They connect to the web, check their e-mail and conduct business  on these devices. Yet despite all this, many have never taken the security of their iPad into consideration.

The iPad offers a convenient way of connecting to the world with just a touch or a swipe. However, these conveniences can also put the owner at risk. Some of the same security problems and privacy threats that you face on your Mac or PC have to be dealt with for the wireless network device called the iPad.

The smaller your device, such as with the iPad mini, the easier it is to carry with you, but the more vulnerable it is also to theft.

In addition to physical theft, there’s also data security. In fact, you have to protect your iPad on three levels, that of physical, data and network.
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Maintaining a Professional Image on Facebook


Facebook is an online community that is a great way for people to meet new friends, reconnect with old ones and even make romantic connections. Those using Facebook for these purposes are free to create a presence that reflects their personality and that helps others understand who they are and what they are passionate about.

Although Facebook can be used for fun and entertainment purposes, however, it can also be used for business purposes. Facebook is an extremely powerful tool for business people to network, make connections and promote their business.

In such cases, care should be taken to create a Facebook presence that is not only attractive and interesting but professional as well. There are some pitfalls along the way to doing this, however, so you will want to keep the following precautions in mind.
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How to Make Your Ebook Go Viral

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One principal of viral marketing is to give something away for free. This helps to catch people’s attention and encourages them to share it with others. And what is the easiest thing to offer for free that has the highest perceived value? An ebook, of course!

Your primary goal in offering a free ebook is probably to publicize your product or service or to get traffic to your website. This can be done most efficiently if your ebook goes viral. However, you don’t have to do all the work yourself.

How does an ebook go viral? The first step is in getting a sufficient number of those in your target market to request and download it. Next is to get them to share it with their friends and colleagues, the second-generation customers. The cycle continues from there.

So how can you get your first generation ebook readers to forward that ebook on to other people, essentially distributing it for you?
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How Apple Tackled Tablet Limitations with the iPad Air


Apple drew long lines at its stores with the release of its first iPad tablet PC. Yet, despite the crowds and publicity, Apple’s tablet was met with indifference and complaints by those who charged that the popular device failed to live up to its promise.

Although the iPad helped bring tablet computers back from the dead, the opposing reactions it engendered show how polarized people were about it. Nevertheless, Apple has addressed many of the initial objections to the iPad. Here’s a look at some of the complaints and what Apple did about them.

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