What Is a Link Farm Spam Page?

Farmer with Pitchfork 2What is a link farm? It’s not a place where corn is grown and hogs are raised. Its sole cultivated product consists of links to other websites.

I have personally been placed on some kind of mailing list in which I routinely receive offers to exchange links with another pagerank 2 site. A visit to the site invariably reveals a large number of outbound links to other sites. You may receive solicitations like this as well. Is it a good idea to take such a site up on its offer?

A link farm may exchange links with hundreds of other sites solely for the purpose of increasing link popularity. In other words, it’s a form of spamming, and any site that associates with link farms is in danger of being penalized by the search engines.

Link farms originated due to the fact that search engines rated sites based at least partially on its link popularity. In the early days, some search engines even had a limited number of listings, and sites with a small number of inbound links were as a result purged from their index. Therefore, it didn’t take long before a number of operations sprang up to automate the process of exchanging links.

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Pull Customers To Your Site With Interactive Marketing

Pay-per-click advertising is a very popular, if expensive, tool for driving traffic to a website. A more important consideration than traffic generation, however, is what visitors’ experience  is going to be once they get to your  website.

Perhaps a better way to get customers to your site than pay-per-click is to create an experience that pulls them in rather than trying to push them, a concept known as interactive marketing.

By creating relevant content that actually engages and involves your audience, you not only give them a reason to stay on your site but to come back as well. Some examples of such marketing include online interactive games, videos, message boards, mobile content, SMS and e-mail.
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How To Write Ebooks the Expert Way

Want to write an e-book fast? One way to do so is through the “expert interview process.”

What this means is approaching various experts in your field or on the topic that the e-book is going to be about and simply asking for an interview. You can find such experts by using Google or through related niche forums.

Have a list of questions ready when you contact these experts. The easiest way to do so is by e-mail. Handle this well and you can get expert answers to all of your questions.

However, before you submit your questions to your expert, you should do a little research. You want to approach the experts correctly, so keep the following points in mind:
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Internet Security and Link Protection for Marketers

Whether you just like to chat and play the occasional online game with your friends or you are a serious Internet marketer, Internet security is a must, including for Mac users. But if you’re involved in any form of business, it is a matter of grave importance, and can seriously affect your bottom line.

The right kind of security software will detect intruders and keep them from gaining access to any part of your system. It will detect break-in attempts and whether or not they are successful as well as attempts to place malware or spyware on your system.

There are various ways that a black hat hacker or cracker could gain access to a computer. These include:

Trojan Horses
These are bits of malicious code masquerading as useful programs, and they could open up a computer to the control of hackers who use it to send spam e-mail.

These are bits of code that travel through networks, often as e-mail attachments. These can destroy all the data on your hard drive.

This is software that could not only plague you with annoying advertising pop-ups but could spy on your private data, such as your credit cards and passwords, as well.
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Remove Barriers To Sales On Your E-Commerce Site

iphone apple pay

Too many online marketers erect barriers in the sales process between themselves and prospective customers. Fortunately, the mechanisms for removing these barriers need not be complicated, and improving ways of connecting with customers can pay off handsomely.

Some of the most common barriers to online sales include inadequate contact methods, payment options and delivery choices. You can bridge these barriers by providing more options.

Contact Barriers

Adding contact methods can be one of the simplest ways of generating more sales. Some sites offer only e-mail or a contact form as a method of contact, yet many potential customers prefer to conduct business over the phone, by mail or even by fax.

A wide range of contact options can also build credibility. Displaying your office address, fax and phone number as well as your e-mail address can show that you are a real business and make yourself transparent and easy to reach. After all, you don’t want people to think you’re another one of those Nigerian e-mail scams!

An 800 number can be another way to remove potential barriers and to build credibility. Picking up the tab in this way is a nice gesture and eliminates one more barrier to the sales process.

It’s not hard to obtain a toll-free number these days and the cost less than $.10 per minute–Not a large price to pay for building confidence in potential customers.

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The Truth About eBay Fees


We’ve all heard the stories of people opening up shop on eBay and making a surprisingly good side income or even a full-time living. Some few fortunate souls have, thanks to the global reach of eBay, even become millionaires through the site.

All this can lead you to believe that making a good income on eBay is easy. You may think, if others can do it, why can’t I?

The reality is that it is not as easy to make a profit on eBay as you may think. One reason is the escalating costs and fees that eBay imposes on its auctioneers. These have engendered a lot of concern and complaints over the years, and have even caused some eBay merchants to close up shop.
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Use Articles To Improve Your Google PageRank

business blogging mac

You have knowledge, information and insights that are worth sharing with others. In fact, that’s probably why you started a website or blog in the first place. And sharing your knowledge with others can be a valuable aid to your site rankings.

The Internet runs on information, and information will always be in big demand online. It is used in article directories, on content farms such as HubPages or Associated Content, and on your own blog or website. You can also submit your articles as guest blog posts to other bloggers and webmasters.

However, you may wonder what qualifications are required in order to write an article. All you need is knowledge on a particular topic that others might benefit from. Most venues may require that your articles be squeaky clean and free of profanity. While they will shy away from content that is the slightest bit racy or suggestive, you can easily find a home for most articles.
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Understanding Basic Mac Terminology

The standard user interface of Mac OS X

Macs have a reputation of being easier to use than alternative computer platforms, such as Windows, but, as advanced machines, they still require knowledge of a fair amount of terminology and procedures in order to operate them effectively.

Knowing basic Mac terminology will help you to talk with other Mac users, as well as to more effectively describe problems you’re having to technical support. Therefore, here are some of the common components of Macs and Mac software .
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Duplicate Content – Will It Cripple Your Website Rankings?

content article marketing_0114

How do you create a blog or website that will appeal to the search engines? It’s not that complicated: have plenty of relevant content that is closely targeted to the theme of your website.

However just about every successful blogger and webmaster (and many not-so-successful ones), are concerned about duplicate content and how it can damage their site rankings in Google.

You will come across such remarks as: “Don’t use private label rights articles because that will hurt your chances of drawing search engine traffic” or “Accept only 100% unique, original submissions on your blog.” Major content sites such as  HubPages, Associated Content, and so on all demand unique articles.

Are they right? Absolutely. These sites have learned by long experience what Google likes and doesn’t like.

But don’t just take their word for it. Listen to Michael Wyszomierski of Google’s search quality team. He says the use of unique content is a key part of Google’s Webmaster Guidelines. He says that “scraped content alone, even high-quality content, does not provide any added value to your users” and “A violation of our webmaster guidelines can negatively impact your performance in our search results.”
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Should You Write An Ebook?

Why should you sell e-books? The Internet is already awash with e-books–e-books about marketing, cooking, cleaning, child rearing, cars, golf and just about everything else.

Some are long with hundreds of pages, and others are short with ten pages or less. With all the e-books out there, surely every imaginable topic has already been covered, right?

Of course not. Even if other e-books are written on the same topic as yours, no one else can cover the subject from your perspective or with your particular style and voice.

Only you have your own specific blend of knowledge on a particular topic. Only you can create an ebook in your own unique way. Your e-book is your own personal take on whichever subject you wish to cover.

Of course, you could always publish a traditional printed book…if you have the expertise a publisher is looking for. If you already have a certain number of published books to your name. If you have connections. If you have a widely recognized name that will sell books. If you’re willing to do all the marketing and promotion of your book anyway.

If you lack any of these things, you’re likely to find that no publisher wants to touch you.
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