Is It A Real Work at Home Business or a Scam?

The work at home business arena is too often besmirched by scammers and con artists seeking to victimize honest opportunity seekers. This can make the process of finding legitimate home business opportunities much more difficult than it should be.

The blessing of a work at home business is also its curse: a plethora of choices in regards to opportunities. The Internet has made it easier to launch a home business, but it has also created the ideal breeding ground for those who make big promises they cannot deliver on.

In order to find the legitimate work at home business opportunities, you need to be able to differentiate the real opportunities from the empty promises. This can be difficult, but you can increase your chances by arming yourself with effective knowledge.

One of the key differentiators between a scam and a legitimate work at home opportunity is the openness and exposure of the company offering the opportunity. It will not be vague or hide essential details but will make it clear as to the exact nature of the business and how it works.

Another indication of a legitimate opportunity is the existence of satisfied customers and business owners that you can contact. Although this does not guarantee that an opportunity will be right for you, it will at least help to weed out the fly-by-night organizations. People who are currently working for a company are your best source of information and can give you the full scoop about whether an opportunity is legitimate or not.

Make sure that you thoroughly understand the details of how money is made with any business opportunity you are considering investing in. If you are not clear on exactly how the system works, then it is either not for you or is not a legitimate home business opportunity.

A utility/service for Mac and PC that can help is called WOT (Web of Trust). This includes plugins for popular web browsers such as Safari and Firefox and assigns trustworthiness ratings to a large number of websites, based on the ratings of users.

However, you should not rely on this exclusively, as some websites are still not rated, while other legitimate sites may receive an overly poor rating. However, WOT can be a good starting point for your research.

Finding a legitimate work at home opportunity is something that can be done despite the many scams that seem to proliferate. There are many legitimate opportunities by which to make a profit and become financially independent. It will, however, require a good understanding of yourself and your capabilities, the options available to you, and the specific opportunity you are considering.

Keyword Tools Help To Increase Website Traffic

If you have gone to the trouble to create a blog or website, you want to make sure that it generates a sufficient amount of traffic to make it worthwhile.

Although the process may seem complicated, it really isn’t. It will, however, require a certain degree of work, as well as a knowledge of such things as keywords and how search engines operate.

Keywords are simply the words or phrases typed by the users of search engines in order to find information online. Someone who runs an AdWords campaign will bid on keywords so that their ads will be displayed when the users of Google search for a particular word or phrase.

Aside from advertising, if you desire to get organic placement on the search engines, it will be necessary that your site contain the required density and positioning of keywords relative to the search terms entered.

So how do you find the most popular words and phrases? With a keyword tool. These help you find the terms people most frequently enter into the search engines on any particular topic.
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6 Steps To Making Money With Your Mac

dollar signs, money, profit, success, network-SMALL

Got your attention, didn’t I? No, this article isn’t about counterfeiting, or even about how to get rich quick. It is about how to create a successful website that will bring plenty of traffic and, in turn, hopefully make you money.

This is a huge subject and a book could easily be written about each one, but I will provide a general outline of six steps that are crucial to building a long-term, successful website.
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To Find the Best Keywords, Trust Google

Screen Shot 2014-09-10 at 11.17.42 AM

What is the major search engine that we all wish to please? What is the one that comes up in any discussion of keywords or search engine marketing?

Why, it is Google, of course! So why not use Google to find the best keywords for your SEO campaign?

You can use the AdWords keyword tool, and you don’t even need to be an advertiser to do so. Indeed, AdWords could make you forget about any other keyword tool you ever used!
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How Long Can You Afford Not To Make Money?


The bottom line of any business is the bottom line. Unless the business is being operated as a charity, it must make a profit.

Whether it’s a small mom-and-pop operation or a big megacorporation, in order to survive, a business has to make a profit. It can bleed red ink for only so long. This is true for any business, no matter how big or how small (including the big three American automakers)!

One of the advantages of a small business, especially one in Internet marketing, is the low operating costs. This means that, as long as it is not losing a large amount of money, and as long as the operator has an alternative source of income, it can fail to make a profit or it can even lose a certain amount of money over a long period of time without the operator needing to declare bankruptcy.

It can be treated as a sideline or as a hobby. The downside is that the same factors can keep the operator from treating it as a real business.
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10 Tips To Reduce Your Website’s “Bounce” Rate

traffic, teamwork, people, world, web, wwwVisitors are crucial to the success of any website, especially that of an Internet marketer. Success not only depends on the number of targeted visitors but by how long they stay as well. Those visitors must be provided with what they are looking for, because the longer they stay, the greater the chance of their visit being converted into sales.

In other words,you want to reduce the bounce rate of your blog or website, or the number of visitors who “bounce” away from your site after viewing only one page. Fortunately, there are several ways to achieve this.
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Making Money Using Your Mac


A sufficient income is not always easy to come by, but if there is not enough of the green stuff, you can usually do something about it. You can get a second job, work more overtime, ask for a raise or even start looking for a different job.

However, making a significant life change is never without some risk. If an employee has a family to support, then he or she cannot simply quit and hope that there will be something better tomorrow.

One option is to make some extra money on the side. If you have a Mac, you should not think of it simply as a device for capturing your home memories, playing your tunes or dabbling in music creation. You should remember that you have a powerful business machine, one that you can use to make money, whether by selling through eBay or in any number of other ways.

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How To Choose A Display That Complements Your Mac

choosing a display

When it comes to choosing a display for your Mac, it is the best of times and the worst of times. By that I mean that we have a huge range of options available, but this can sometimes make choosing difficult.

A display gives you instant feedback as to what is going on inside your system. Choosing a quality display is especially important for graphic designers, photographers, artists and cinematographers.

For most Mac users, however, the choice will be easy. After all, the iMac and MacBook lines come with excellent displays built-in. Unless you already have a display that you can use, however, if you are purchasing a Mac mini or a Mac Pro, you will need to buy a display to go with it.

If you are purchasing a “headless” Mac, your choices boil down to whether to buy Apple or third-party, new, used or refurbished. Fortunately, no matter how you choose to go about it, these days you can get a stunning display at an affordable cost.

The old-style monitors used a cathode ray tube (CRT) which were reasonably inexpensive and provided a wide viewing angle as compared to the alternatives. The problem is that they were bulky and heavy! They took a huge amount of space, and because of the way the cathode ray tube works, the wider the screen, the longer the tube had to be, which added size and weight.

The modern liquid crystal display, on the other hand, takes up far less space, so it can be placed almost anywhere. In addition, the viewing angle has greatly improved over the years. Today’s displays from Apple sport LED backlighting so they require no time to warm up before reaching maximum brightness. They are on instantly and are uniformly bright. They can even be tuned to match the ambient light in the room.

Apple displays have a universal MagSafe connector that charges your notebook, a Mini DisplayPort cable and USB 2.0 ports which turn the display into its own docking station. Apple Thunderbolt Displays feature built-in Thunderbolt technology — Apple’s fastest I/O (keep in mind that you need thunderbolt devices to take advantage of this speed).

Other features of Apple displays include a high-resolution screen, a built-in FaceTime HD camera and microphone, FireWire 800 and gigabit ethernet ports and a 49-watt speaker system.

If you are tight on funds, remember that there is a wide range of third-party displays that are available, many of which are compatible with the Mac. Just check the specifications before purchasing. You can save even more money, it you can buy used or refurbished. Apple even sells refurbished options in the Apple Store; they cost about $150 less the new.

A 27-inch display is a beautiful thing to behold, and it allows you to easily view two side-by-side 8 1/2 x 11 pages on your screen at full size with plenty of room left over for the various palettes in other components of the software’s interface.

Come to think of it, this is a pretty good time to buy a display for your Mac after all!

How To Write and Format Your Ebook

Apple Pages for ebook

The hardest part of any job is getting started, and the hardest part of writing an ebook is the first sentence. It may seem like a formidable task when you first look at it, but you merely need to break the job down into manageable steps.

It’s something like climbing a mountain. You stand at the foot of it and it looks impossible. How can you scale such a thing? The only way: step by step. Writing an ebook is much the same. You create it step-by-step, and at the last step you find yourself at the summit, on top of the world!

Like a mountain climber, however, you must get organized, but rather than climbing gear you need to organize your thoughts. There are a few steps you will need to take before you actually begin writing.
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Four Questions To Consider When Choosing Affiliate Programs

affiliate salesNewbies to the world of affiliate marketing have a lot of questions. Which programs are the best? Who is the most generous, and who pays on the most timely basis?

Unfortunately, they may have a hard time finding unbiased recommendations. Some of the so-called reviews, at least for the two-tier affiliate programs, seem more like infomercials.

What you want to do is take a broad overview of your Internet presence. How do you leverage your incoming visitors?

Remember that you really have two goals with your Internet presence — the first to get visitors to your site, and the second to get them to actually do something once there, such as to sign up for your list or to buy something.

Some affiliate programs pay for ad impressions and others require clicks, but most don’t pay until the  visitor takes action, such as by buying something. To maximize your results, you should ask yourself a few questions. Here are four to consider before you embark on any type of Internet advertising:
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