Memory Upgrades: An Inexpensive Way To Boost Your Mac’s Performance

Many people use Macs that may have had a reasonable amount of memory (RAM) at the time they were purchased, but since memory requirements keep advancing, they may now struggle with the memory requirements of today’s applications.

In addition, many Macs come configured with only a minimum amount of memory installed. The primary reason for this is that this makes the computer cheaper, so that it appears to be more of a bargain. Therefore, installing memory is an essential (and economical) way of boosting the performance of old and new Macs alike.

If your Mac seems to be running slow, especially if it is 2 to 3 years old and was not configured with the maximum amount of RAM possible at the date of purchase, then it is worth upgrading the memory before buying a new computer.

Most people are astonished at the increase in performance after installing a memory upgrade. Such an upgrade can extend the useful life of one’s Mac by an additional 2 to 3 years at a mere fraction of the cost of purchasing a new one.
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Facebook – Caveats In Promoting Your Business

Although Facebook is primarily intended to be a non-commercial social networking website, it has many features that facilitate it’s use by Web marketers, provided its terms of service are abided by.

The fact is that there are many opportunities for promoting the products and services you offer and providing links as useful resources to the visitors of your Facebook pages. Clearly, you can promote your business on Facebook while avoiding engaging in behavior that might be considered spamming. There are a few things you may want to keep in mind, however.
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What Is The Magic Price Point For Your Ebook?

ebook pricesEver wondered why those products on late-night infomercials always cost $19.95, $29.95 or $39.95?

It’s a tried and true marketing concept: certain price points can set off alarm bells in the prospects’ mind, and shaving a few pennies off of the price can keep this from happening.

A potential buyer may wonder if that electric potato peeler is worth $30 but will be eagerly dialing a phone with credit card in hand if the price is only $29.95. What a bargain!

Transparent as this concept may seem, sales statistics support this idea. A few penny shaved off a round amount will make people more likely to buy from a TV ad.

The same principle doesn’t work in all forms of marketing, however. People may prefer round numbers when buying in person.

Often, products are sold at nearly a round figure, but not quite. For example, Apple’s iPod Nano retails for $149, not $159 or $148 and the iPod Shuffle retails for $49 rather than $39 or $59.
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Scamworld: How To Avoid The ‘Get Rich Quick’ Mentality

There are many in the home business industry who are out for a quick buck, but there are also some very solid companies and individuals in the business as well. Unfortunately, the get-rich-quick mentality has given the home-based business industry a bad reputation. It’s the something for nothing mentality which is full of hype and false promises.

Although a lot of people have been duped out of money, it is possible to avoid the scams. There are ways to separate the questionable schemes from the solid home-based businesses and to find the ones that can truly help you to reach your financial dreams.

Unfortunately, two primary motivators are fear and greed. It is the latter that has primarily besmirched the home-based business industry. There are plenty of marketers out there who are greedy and just want your money.

Rather than trying to help people, these opportunists take advantage of the get rich quick mentality. They claim to have figured out how to earn thousands of dollars in a few weeks, or how to achieve success by working only a few minutes a day. Such individuals bank on people’s greed and they are usually right.

Often marketers feel they have to engage in more and more hype in order to sell their product. When the product fails to deliver on the hype, customers become cynical and less likely to buy similar products. So even more hype is needed to make a sale. It’s a vicious cycle.
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How to Boost Your Google PageRank with Articles

binder, information, write, writing, notes, pen, hand

Do you want your site to rank well in Google? Of course you do: many sites get 90% or more of their traffic from the search engine giant.

However, it is well to remember that Google bases its rankings on two things:

1. The relevance of the site (or its optimization for certain keywords)

2. The importance of the site (or the number of backlinks it gets from other sites)

Both of these factors affect your ranking. Of course, your degree of success depends, as with everything else on how hard you’re trying and how many people you’re competing against (and how hard they’re trying).

Optimizing your site for keywords is relatively easy. Generating backlinks is a bit more time-consuming, but it is still not all that difficult, and you don’t need a huge budget to do so.

The key is in writing articles. This establishes you as an expert in your field, one who has knowledge that others want, and it entails only two steps:

1. You write articles that are helpful and that share your expertise.

2. You submit your articles to other blogs that are looking for guest authors.

Read on for some questions and answers to help you write your articles and manage your marketing campaign.
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What is a Successful Home Business?

Steve Jobs at the WWDC 07

Steve Jobs at the WWDC 07 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

If we break things down to their core elements, then there are only two types of home businesses: those that are successful and those that are not.

The successful business owner needn’t find out why others have failed, but the failed business owner should certainly discover how others have become successful.

While progress may be slow in starting a home business, the important thing is to never move backwards. Slow, steady progress is better than none at all.

Different people have different definitions of success. If one person can supplement their 9-to-5 job, then they may consider themselves successful. If another can combine a home business with another part-time job to earn a full-time income, then they may consider themselves successful. And if still another can earn a full-time income doing what they enjoy most, even if they do not get rich in the process, they may consider this to be a rousing success.

Other common goals include being able to spend more time with one’s family, to earn enough income to help fulfill their child’s dreams or to enjoy a higher standard of living than their parents did. The ultimate achievement of success, however, is to be able to help others while helping oneself.

The core elements that define success are those of time, money and freedom. This means the time to do what you enjoy, the money to buy the things you want and need and the freedom to work where and when you want.

Everyone’s goal in starting a home business is to be successful, but does it happen to everyone? No!

After all, in a classroom that has 50 students, only one student can be first. 80% will pass while 20% will fail. This does not mean that the teacher is unqualified, it’s just the way it is.

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How to Spot A Link Farm Spam Page

FarmerLink farms can usually be identified by the fact that they link to an almost endless number of link pages on other websites rather than linking to specific pages within the site. In addition, relevancy of any site is not a consideration in linking, since the main goal is simply to get a high ranking in the search engines. Providing quality information to visitors is not so much a goal of such sites as is attaining a veneer of popularity through a large number of links.

How is a site marked as participating in a link farm? One indication is having a hundred links or more on a single page. There is also some question as to whether numerous internal links can be seen as a link farm.

A key component of a link farm is having a set of web pages that link to every other page in the group. Although it can be manually created, this is most often generated through an automated algorithm. It is sometimes referred to as spamdexing, because it spams search engines’ indexes. Another frequently heard term in association with a link farm is “spaghetti code,” referring to the tangled and complex nature of its branches.
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What Is a Link Farm Spam Page?

Farmer with Pitchfork 2What is a link farm? It’s not a place where corn is grown and hogs are raised. Its sole cultivated product consists of links to other websites.

I have personally been placed on some kind of mailing list in which I routinely receive offers to exchange links with another pagerank 2 site. A visit to the site invariably reveals a large number of outbound links to other sites. You may receive solicitations like this as well. Is it a good idea to take such a site up on its offer?

A link farm may exchange links with hundreds of other sites solely for the purpose of increasing link popularity. In other words, it’s a form of spamming, and any site that associates with link farms is in danger of being penalized by the search engines.

Link farms originated due to the fact that search engines rated sites based at least partially on its link popularity. In the early days, some search engines even had a limited number of listings, and sites with a small number of inbound links were as a result purged from their index. Therefore, it didn’t take long before a number of operations sprang up to automate the process of exchanging links.

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Pull Customers To Your Site With Interactive Marketing

Pay-per-click advertising is a very popular, if expensive, tool for driving traffic to a website. A more important consideration than traffic generation, however, is what visitors’ experience  is going to be once they get to your  website.

Perhaps a better way to get customers to your site than pay-per-click is to create an experience that pulls them in rather than trying to push them, a concept known as interactive marketing.

By creating relevant content that actually engages and involves your audience, you not only give them a reason to stay on your site but to come back as well. Some examples of such marketing include online interactive games, videos, message boards, mobile content, SMS and e-mail.
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How To Write Ebooks the Expert Way

Want to write an e-book fast? One way to do so is through the “expert interview process.”

What this means is approaching various experts in your field or on the topic that the e-book is going to be about and simply asking for an interview. You can find such experts by using Google or through related niche forums.

Have a list of questions ready when you contact these experts. The easiest way to do so is by e-mail. Handle this well and you can get expert answers to all of your questions.

However, before you submit your questions to your expert, you should do a little research. You want to approach the experts correctly, so keep the following points in mind:
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