The History and Purpose of Domain Names

Domain NamesWhat is a domain name? It’s a string of characters that corresponds to a set of numbers known as an IP or Internet protocol address.

Computers use IP addresses to locate websites, but domain names are a sort of a “go-between” between ourselves and a website address such as 64.544.234.77 — that’s a lot harder to remember than or!

Every domain name, like every e-mail address, is unique. Domain names are registered through an organization called Network Solutions Inc. (NSI) as part of a database called WHOIS.

On the technical side of things, your domain name corresponds to your web hosts IP address and his pointed to a computer known as a name server. This computer routes the visitor to your website located on your hosting server. Thus, visitors from anywhere in the world can visit your site merely by typing your domain name.

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Emotion Makes A Video Viral

ipad iMovie me - SMALLWhat is it that makes most online videos sink without a bubble, while other stand out among the millions and perhaps even become viral?

The answer to this question varies according to the content of the video and its subject matter, but your video is certainly more likely to become popular if it is professional, informative and entertaining.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re discussing politics, demonstrating a new product or showing your viewers how to do something. Regardless of your subject matter or purpose for your video, there are certain steps you can follow to increase the chances of making it stand out.

A large part of how successful your video is begins with the preproduction phase. This is when you decide what your video will look like, what you will say and how you will say it. The more precise your answers to these questions, the more polished your web video is likely to be.

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Small Business and Online Security for Mac Users

Mac Internet Security X8Macs have long been more secure against viruses, trojan horses and other nasties than Windows-based computers, but the Flashback trojan horse demonstrated that the Mac-using business owner can’t afford to be be lax about security, either.

There are a lot of baddies out there, and every business needs security. For a brick-and-mortar business, that might be security guards and alarm sensors, while for an online business it means software that guards against spyware and Trojan horses. Such options go further than the Mac’s built-in firewall protection.

There is software available, such as Intego Mac Internet Security X8 (pictured) that will tell you when you log in for the first time each day if there are security issues that must be addressed. This can include downloading the latest antivirus updates or performing a routine scan.

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Things To Know Before Buying Your Mac

buying an imacIf you already own a computer, then you probably have a pretty good idea of what your Mac needs are. However, if you are new to the world of computers, you can get lost in all the options, especially if you’re planning to use your Mac for business or online marketing. Here are some tips on what to look for.

1. Peripherals

The four major components of desktop computers are the mouse, keyboard, monitor and CPU unit (the computer itself). Most Macs, with the exception of the Mac Mini, come with all the basic peripherals. The Mac Mini is sold with the expectation that you will use the mouse, keyboard and monitor from your previous machine or buy them separately.

With a laptop, such as the MacBook Air, all the components are integrated. A tablet like the iPad is even more integrated, with a single unit filling the role of mouse or trackpad, keyboard, monitor and CPU (iPads, however, run iOS software, not Mac software).

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A Few Reasons To Give Away Your Ebook

writing an EbookYou may be wondering if writing an ebook can boost your online business. The answer is yes; it can increase the number of sales you make and it can even become something you sell in and of itself.

One of the benefits of writing an ebook is in boosting traffic to your website. Everyone online is looking for information of some sort or another, and an ebook is a popular vehicle for providing that information. You can write on any subject under the sun as long as it is one that people are interested in.

A lot of people are looking for free information, but even this can work in your favor. Providing a free ebook can boost your traffic because it offers something that is very appealing to people: free information.

As a provider of a free ebook, you don’t even need to worry about readers distributing your ebook to others. In fact, that can help you to get even more exposure.

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YouTube Lets You Broadcast Yourself

Image representing YouTube as depicted in Crun...Once upon a time, the Internet was used for research. Then came this thing called popularity, and the use of the Internet changed dramatically. Today, for billions of people, the Internet’s primary use is that of entertainment.

One of the most popular entertainment sites online is YouTube (although the site can be used for research and learning and it has a vast number of educational videos). A large part of the popularity of YouTube is that it allows visitors to create their own videos, and this is, of course, a big reason why its contents are so vast.

In addition to education and entertainment, videos can be used for marketing purposes. In fact, these goals are not mutually exclusive: the same video can be entertaining, educational and can contain a marketing message. The key is to avoid being overly heavy-handed with any advertising message, and to be sure to provide plenty of desirable content.

The first, and perhaps hardest step for many, will be to come up with a suitable idea for a video. Unfortunately,  many wannabe videographers put too little thought into this part of the process. The desired goal of the video can often be the catalyst for a great message.

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Why Mac Will Always Beat iPad for Online Business

iMac vs iPad marketing We are told that this is the “post PC era.” Sounds good to me! The only problem is, the term “PC” in this context is used in a catchall sense that also includes the Mac! Magazines and websites with “Mac” in their name now seem to be doting on the iPhone and iPad, and sometimes seem to have relegated the Mac to the back seat in importance.

In fact, 2014 is expected to be the year in which tablets outsell desktops and notebooks for the first time in history. In other words, this year, the two lines are set to converge: the steadily declining line, plotted on a graph, of PC sales will cross the rising line of tablet sales for the first time, the end of an era for the desktop and laptop computer.

In fact, some people are even questioning Steve Jobs characterization of the Mac as continuing to serve a role and of likening it to a truck as opposed to a car. Trucks, in Steve Jobs comparison, will always be needed to do the heavy hauling. Is this still true?

Certainly, conducting a business, when it comes to using digital devices, can be said to be heavy-duty work, but even in the Apple stores, you will find that iPads have taken the place of Macs in the hands of staffers, who use them to look up information, schedule appointments and ring up sales.

Certainly, Internet marketing is a business in every sense of the word. So how does the Mac stack up against the iPad in this arena? While it may not always be so, it is my contention that the Mac will reign supreme in Internet marketing for a long time to come. Let’s examine some of the reasons for this.

Note: while other writers have compared the iPad to the Mac based on the software they run, I’m not going to do that. Software changes constantly, and what may be true in the software arena today may not be true tomorrow. Rather, I’m going to compare the form factor and the philosophy of the iPad to the Mac, things that are intrinsic to each device and are not likely to change very soon (if ever).

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Why Do We Worship the Almighty Google?

Google ChromeIt seemed like not so long ago that AOL and Yahoo thought they owned the Internet and had rights of control over it. They claimed to be waging war on spam while filling our screens with advertisements.

In recent years, however, it seems as if Google has become our new digital overlord and everything we do that is at all SEO-related must be done to appease this digital giant. Or must it?

At one time, there was a huge variety of search engines–Excite and Infoseek and Lycos and WebCrawler and many others. While this tower of Babel was in some ways inferior to having a single, set standard against which to gauge our optimization efforts, at least it offered some form of competition.

Google, on the other hand, is looking more and more like a monopoly every day. Google is extending its rule into more and more arenas. It’s gotten so that anyone involved in search engine optimization feels he must appease his new master or his chances of Internet success are doomed.

Today, there are books and tutorials and courses and websites and entire systems that offer various tips, tricks and secret formulas aimed at making our sites “Google friendly” so that they will win the favor of the search engine giant.

But who can truly claim that they know exactly what makes Google tick, except for the insiders at Google–and they aren’t telling?

Google’s periodic algorithm changes are becoming increasingly unpredictable and earthshaking when they occur, and each time one occurs, it causes massive seismic shifts across the Internet.

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Online Scams Are Alive and Well

stealing Online ScamsScams of every variety abound on the Internet. While viruses and trojan horses affect primarily Windows users, spam and scams can hit everyone, whether they use a Mac, PC, iPad or any other device. Your best defense is vigilance. Here are some of the top scams to watch out for.

E-mail Scams

The classic e-mail scam is a one in which the sender tries to convince the recipient that there is a problem with their PayPal, banking, AOL, eBay account, etc. and that they must click on a link to resolve it.

I nearly fell for a realistic eBay scam email, but when I tried to login, my password manager, 1Password for Mac, did not contain a password for the site. That’s because it was not really eBay!

To be safe, you should always visit the site in question by typing the URL directly into your browser window, not by clicking a link in an e-mail.

Some spam scams in the US pose as a message from the IRS, claiming that you have a refund waiting and that you must input your Social Security number. This is likely a scam e-mail from an identity thief. Delete the message.
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Step-By-Step To Writing An Ebook

cover box shots mac

It is often said that one of the best ways to earn money and even make a living on the Internet is to sell your own ebooks. It sounds good, but what is involved? Let me share some of the things I’ve learned in creating and marketing my own ebook.


The first step is determining exactly what you want to create an ebook about. If you’ve already got a topic in mind, you have the hardest part done with. Otherwise, you will need to take stock of some of the knowledge you have garnered in your years of living.

The best way to brainstorm is to write down as many ideas as possible. Draw on your wisdom and experience, and find out what people are looking for online.

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